Comics roundup: Moon Girl and Papergirls

Paper Girls, Vol. 1 Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur, Vol. 1: BFF

I’ve been having some mixed results with the last few comic books I’ve picked up. Paper Girls is one of those raved-about very popular comics that everyone seems to love while I hadn’t heard much about Moon Girl before I picked it up at the library. But as fate would have it, I ended up enjoying Lunella Lafayette’s adventures very much. Paper Girls on the other hand I did not connect with on the same level. Sometimes that’s just the way it happens. Even though it’s got a lot of qualities I like (awesome female friendships! Time travel! Conspiracy stuff!) I just wasn’t into it. I feel like I’m missing something because I’ve heard nothing but good things about it.

But Moon Girl and Devil Dinosaur was absolutely delightful. Lunella is a child genius with the inhuman gene, fighting against the inevitable: at some point, her inhuman powers are going to be activated and she’ll turn into something else. But Lunella is determined to forge her own path in the world – and her trusty dinosaur buddy comes along for the ride!

I’m always on the lookout for more comics to read, but I think I’m going to focus on actual books for a while until something really spectacular comes along.

Over to you, my fellow booklovers: have you read either of these comics? What did you think?


Mini Reviews: Black Canary 1 & 2

I’ve gotten so behind on my reviews! Bad me. I haven’t kept this blog as active as I intended to back when I promised myself I’d get back into blogging. But hey! Better late than never. I’m adding a bunch of reviews to my post schedule today, including this mini comic review for the first two volumes of Black Canary.

Black Canary, Volume 1: Kicking and Screaming Black Canary, Volume 2: New Killer Star


Black Canary was a bit of a frustrating reading experience for me. Do you ever have that feeling where you’re certain you’re going to like something, only to have it be underwhelming when you finally experience it? That’s how I felt about Black Canary.

Being somewhat familiar with Dinah Lance’s backstory from other properties (kickass vigilante with metahuman powers) I wanted to see how this newest version fared. Turns out, if I didn’t have that background knowledge, I would have been completely lost. I loved the idea of re-casting Dinah as a rock star. I thought that aspect of the plot worked. the artwork is visually striking and the supporting players were a lot of fun. But… I was so lost. Volume 1 set things up pretty solidly but everything got super convoluted in Volume 2. If I hadn’t read these back to back I would have been even more lost. It’s also really hard to tell a story about music in medium that’s entirely visual. If I hadn’t known about Dinah’s signature Canary Cry, I wouldn’t have had anything to go on.

But I do see why people have praised these comics. It was great to see Dinah on her own without the characters she’s usually associated with and like I said, the style of artwork was really cool. In the end, Black Canary was a case of “pretty good, but not my thing.” Both volumes earned a solid but ultimately “good but not great” 3 stars from me.

Mini Reviews: Poe Dameron and A-Force

Poe Dameron, Vol. 1: Black Squadron25066811

I’m officially declaring January the month of the comic book reading binge. After I finished with DC Bombshells, I got my hot little hands on a copy of the Poe Dameron comic! If, like me, you enjoyed the character of Poe Dameron in Star Wars: The Force Awakens and want to learn more about what he got up to before the movie, this volume is a must-read. The artwork is excellent and the likeness to the actor who plays Poe (the very handsome Oscar Isaac) is very well done. And the story’s pretty great too. Poe is such a witty and affable character in the movie and that is carried through in his comic as well.

A-Force: Warzones is the other comic I picked up. Depending on your knowledge of Marvel comics lore, this might be a harder one to get into if you’re not as familiar with the players. I’ve come across a few of these awesome lady Avengers in other comics and I especially enjoyed the character of Singularity – what a sweetheart she was! I want to look into more of She-Hulk’s comics as a result, because she seemed pretty cool.

Back to you, booklovers: have you read either of these comics or any other volumes of note? Let me know! I’m always looking for recommendations.