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I’ll be the first one to admit I put off reading this book for a long time because I didn’t want this wonderful series to be over. I mean, I know the graphic novel is still coming out, but it all feels so FINAL *sniffle*. Okay, get a hold of yourself.

Stars Above is a wonderful companion piece to the Lunar Chronicles series. It fills in some important bits of backstory and narrative gaps while also giving us a glimpse into the future of the characters we’ve come to love over the course of the series. It’s hard to rate a book like this as a whole because it’s a short story collection and as such not all stories are created equal. It was also disjointed because some of the stories are cute and happy while some of the others are quite heartbreaking and because of that, I would recommend not reading the whole book in one go. Taking a break between some of the stories made me appreciate them more. And there were definitely some that I enjoyed more than others. If I had to rank the stories from favourite to least favourite, my ranking would look something like this.

  1. Something Old, Something New
  2. Carswell’s Guide to Being Lucky
  3. Glitches
  4. As Sunshine Passes By
  5. The Princess and the Guard
  6. The Mechanic
  7. The Keeper
  8. The Little Android
  9. The Queen’s Army

But overall Stars Above is a must-read for those diehard Lunar Chronicles fans and a solid 4-star book from me.



Author: Bex

Aspiring writer and life-long bookworm.

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